Mlini panorama

Mlini panorama

Mlini is situated only 9 km southeast of  Dubrovnik, and around 7 km from Dubrovnik`s airport, the airport of Cilipi.

Our house is situated in the center of the village, in a peaceful area surrounded with colorful Mediterranean vegetation. By stepping outside of our accommodations you will find many beautiful beaches, restaurants and bars just a few meters away. In the area nearby you will also find a market, a bakery, a post office and a bank.

This charming little coastal village will offer you a truly unforgettable holiday, an opportunity to enjoy yourself and relax, while being just a few kilometers away from one of the most beautiful towns in Croatia and UNESCO`s World Heritage site, the old town of Dubrovnik. You can easily reach Dubrovnik from Mlini by car, taxi (approx. 20min), by bus (approx. 30min), or maybe you prefer a lovely boat ride (approx. 45min) by one of regular boat lines that depart from a little pier just outside of our house.

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